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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Working Harder to make life easier

Always in life human beings are never satisfied with whatever we have. We are always striving hard for a better tomorrow in this struggle to make our life better in the future. It is often in this respect that we think that if we slog today we will be better off tomorrow. We want to work for 18 hrs a day so that in future we will in a better place with a better salary. So we deduce mostly everybody ruin their "today" working for a better "tomorrow". Would we be happy if we don't do this. Lets take Mr X who is from a middle class or lower middle class family who has no better ambitions or aspiration but wants to just lead a better life then whatever he has at the moment. So in the routine of life Mr X studies hard makes to be a engineer or doctor or any other professional course then finds an entry level job for a medium salary. This Mr X would not be satisfied with this life he would have achieved as he wants more so either he sees alternatives or works harder so that he can jump one step up. He wants to jump the maximum number of steps in his own lifetime for himself or family. Eventually he ends up covering the distance he wants but he never really has the time to wait stop and look at what he has already achieved. I think this is what may be most of us miss in ur daily slogging for a better tomorrow.


Madhuresh said...

i think this attitude is a blessing in disguise....thats because when u don't strive to get further u will halt at a place....and what ever halts at a place stinks (even water for that matter).....ya we need to draw a line some where so that we also enjoy our life....but that drawing a line is crucial...and many of us fail there :D

chocki said...

The complaint is not against continuous improvement but against continuous rise of expectations and never actually being satisfied which is inherent of human nature. See we always have the need to have problems if we dont have any significant one we take the existing ones and blow them out of proportion and lead a life fighting those. So the problem lies in identifying the goal we want to achieve. Work to get your goal but by the time we get there it is automatically reset to a higher point some how the everest in life seems an illusion.