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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Neighbours Envy and Owners Pride

In general virtuous are those who are generous and charitable in nature. Also Corporate Social Responsibility is touted as the best thing to happen for business in 21st Century. Amidst such existing notions let us go back to the basic need of survival of people. Whenever there is a threat to survival these things seem miniscule and only when there are safe boundaries built do people talk about such things. In today’s world we see wives of millionaires talk about the poor and downtrodden and what the affluent society should do about it but the average person who is in the lower income segment is not bothered about his neighbour as his interest is his own existence.
This indicates that higher safety levels, sophistication have relatively reduced the ability of human being to face situations that demand anything more than the routine he does. A typical example would be if at all a software professional is by chance lost in a plane crash and lost on lonely island with no inhabitation he won’t be able to survive as he is not equipped to do so. This was a more basic example to highlight the issue a more common day to day example is that in a job if suddenly your location is changed or department is changed most people are horrified as change is some thing they cant accept.
This safety walls built out of sophistication of life in the modern days have led to people becoming unprepared for change of any sort and any manner. Take up a job in this company they don’t fire, You must do engineering as that is a secure way, MBA is the best path to follow as high packages and future is secure etc these are some of the stereotypes that I have seen practically or experienced where the traditional paths are recommended and change is fought. It is precisely this very reason I feel that suppose there is one different person or one different thought the entire majority try subduing this minority as it might be a threat to their way of living. This is not something new that I thought of more inspired from the works of Ayn Rand’s literature that I have read so far.
So this general or the collective feel that being generous or following CSR is the right way as it would give a good image for themselves and they need not justify the excess they have when compared to the under privileged. There might be people or thoughts that are clear and feel that it is for themselves that they work and not any one else. Suppose if these peoples are with the majority then they become great leaders and icons and in case they are with the minority thought process then it will take commendable achievements from them so the larger majority recognises them. Also the majority fails to realise that their acceptance or rejection hardly matters to them.
Making a choice is also essential for everyone. You have to medicine or engineering? You want to computers or mechanical? MS or MBA? US or UK? In case an individual is not ready for a decision at the given point then he has no choice. For example at the age after school how can anyone be sure what they want to do sciences commerce but they have to make a decision which would obviously be influenced by parents or friends or society. This can be further found true by just asking any 2nd or 3rd class kid what they want to become and the answers would be as fancy as pilot and painter but these ideas are not allowed to be pursued and they would be pushed towards the standard stereotypes. Maybe one fine day a really creative one survives this than it would really be Neighbours Envy and Owners Pride.

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