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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Well this blog is how I wish to spoil myself on the dimension of time by absolutely dedicating this blog to million things that flash across our minds every passing second.The things that I think about, the things i dont think about and the thinks i try and avois to think about is what esentially i ll try and encapsulate here. The obedient is always what we are during our daily lives a little bit of spice is what we get with the wicked edge of disobedience that is what I am enjoying and observing nowadays. Well to leave some food for thought on my first post, everyday I see one man is food for another in this society there is no end to it and the chain is endless. A man cannot be happy all by himself. He needs the tragedy of his colleague so that he can call it a comedy or have a laugh at it. I feel the understanding that his peer has fallcies makes the individual feel secure that is what makes him enjoy the others misery so much.

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