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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What's in a name?

My name is XYZ. I dont understand why such an answer doesnt satisfy people especially in India. It will be followed by a string of questions. What is your surname? What is your caste? Are you vegeterian?
I know it is the characterestic of Humans to be curious but not to the extent that it is really mean. I generally have the habit of saying only my first name but some how people cant accept it they ask “XYZ and what?”…. And my foot how does it matter to you. I feel that all fathers should remove their names from their children’s names. Though some may think what is the issue with an innocent question like asking surname? The ends meant for these questions are unfortunately not so innocent. The whole sole purpose is to find out whats your caste or from which region you belong. Then these people try and become smart by saying that i just knew that you were from that place.All crap most of these people have huge casts in their mind for people from different backgrounds or castes so they think that every person should fit into a mould and unfortunately if somebody doesn’t then they are outcasts or crazy.
In fact most of them use the same logic for arranged marriages. If we marry in the same caste or region then people can gel easily on both side. They miss the point that this logic has failed miserably several times in the past. I believe there is an equal chance of failure in marriage be it arranged or love its just that if people are willing to make it work then it might work and that is the only way.

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kaushik Sudheendra said...

i fell the caste system should be abolished so that we everybody has an equal say .....