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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Me, Myself and My Three Mistakes

Quotable quotes from Jab We Met "mai apni favourite hoon"-Sikhdi from bhatinda
That should explain about me and myself and my mistakes are as follows:
Mistake 1:- I think
I have this rather unhealthy habit of thinking, thinking and thinking. By the time I realize that its the time to act it would have long gone. It is just that though I have acquired a huge amount of physical mass still feel nimble at my thoughts and these thoughts have no destination or goal and rather are like a radio station playing a track from Shri 420 to Love Story 2050. This wide variety though gives me lot of food for thought yet there is no "focused approach" to heavier things in life like "career,ambitions". Unfortunately I cant even call it "living the moment" as the moment would have passed in the thought process.

Mistake 2: I Introspect.(...I do a post mortem...)
Any action is always followed by a series of invasions by my first mistake(thinking) over and over again untill I am convinced that there were definitely 10 better ways then what i did. This introspection ...ahhem ...rather post mortem acts as a primary feeder for my first mistake and keeps the vicious circle running. I can here safely take the shelter of the society and the great pressures put by them on me due to which I have to do this post mortem...(this is where the MBA kicks in and helps cover my tracks)...

Mistake 3:- I Preach (... I guess this does it for everyone!!!...)
To compound the already confused upper compartment of my physical being whatever non sense that comes to my mind it just doesnt stay with me and has to be transferred to a third party and for this i prefer the dumb ones. As they are well trained from childhood on how to portray themselves as attentive listners. Fortunately this sought of writing medium helps my preaching to a great extent.

So effectively i have broadly identified my three mistakes and now again enter the "MBA(Must Brain-wash Anybody)" . As we have learned that "always try and convert your weakness into your strengths", a statement that is generally said as easily as it is difficult to do, fortunately for me I guess I have achieved it.

This is how I propose to become "focussed, ambitious and career oriented"
  • Study other people.
  • Post Mortem their mistakes
  • And Preach on how they have screwed up things.

This infact would be the next big thing in Personality Development literature or PR Gurus. Thus I have aligned my "goals" to my "competencies" and not competencies to goals.

Before a branding strategy of Cynic kicks off around here let me sign off on this note " A person who knows his compromises for life and accepts it is a cynic and a person ignorant of these is known as an optimist". And now i declare campaign open officially "cynic cynic ......."

(The last couple of sentences was a post mortem(mistake 2) and this whole episode was a sermon (mistake 3) and I am still on with the first one)