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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Vision, Mission and Goals

The buzz word for all corporates nowadays is what is their vision & mission. So most of the organisations have formulated their vision and mission without an understanding whether that is necessary for them or suitable for them. The worst part of it is that some of the companies believe that employees goals or appraisal should be linked with the companies vision and mission.
Consiously every individual knows that this is an unlikely scenario in todays job market where job loyalty is almost non existent. Exploitation is the underlying value nowadays. The employee wants exploit the chance given by any big corp to improve his CV and the employer is in search of employees who will give 150% in effort at 50% the cost.
Among this to develop a conducive environment for working is almost impossible. So to emotionally black mail employees we have concepts like wotk ethics and values which in actual are almost non existent. When the motivation is different for both the employee and the organisation they simply cannot work towards the same goal. The employee is either motivated by money or forms of respect like designation but either of these are not directly related to organisational growth.
So is it justified in having such vision goals and values that dont carry any significance? Well for one they atleast seem to help the company remain its identity and portraying politically correct images.

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