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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Idle brain is a Workshop of Intellect.

Well this is primarily inspired from looking at life with a positive attitude. Generally the saying we use that idle brain is a devils workshop we miss the point that idle brain is actually a workshop and not idle in the process. As soon as we realise this just imagine what do we do when we are in a idle state and what the popular so called "thinkers" do. At any point of time a thinker I dare to assume plays back where as scenarios in his and others life. This visualization actually gives them an opportunity to evaluate various situations. Thus these thinkers either become people who become very calculated astutes who rarely put a foot wrong but a flipside to this would be that in an effort to find the response to any situation that would be idle they would not react only thus making them inert. This is actually what happens when people are introverts or reserved. Actually these people should be writing books on personality development as they would have visulaised many scenarios for people to act and react. Thus there is a lot of activity happening in an Idle brain which we fail to realise. Another strong factor contributing to this is the invention of the Idiot Box whihc people say is the primary cause of Devils workshop but even when we watch the Idiot box people have the habit of surfing through channels and even watching 2-3 movies parallely this indicates the ability to understand and assimilate data quickly. Though overall this might reduce the ability to concentrate on a particulat aspect it fits into the skill set of Learning quickly. Now in the Devil's workshop coming to the Devil's role I feel it is the strategy of people or rather prima movers in society to discourage other people from lower strata from using their intellect and not detect the ways they were being exploited. This has traditionally been the school of thought across cultures anything that questions tradition is considered evil. Thus they stem teh process of questioning by stopping the process of thinking. Be idle keep thinking and question everything. Hence I say "Idle brain is a Workshop of Intellect."